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My Story

I would urge you to go through my Profile and Story before booking time with me. This way you know if what I am telling here resonates with you or not.

All About Me

I was not always a Marketer, I started my career at the bottom of the ladder in the Tourism & Hospitality Domain way back in 1989, The initial phase of my career I learned from ground up. Since Tourism and Hospitality seldom operates in Isolation, I had to work with many people in different Industries. This helped me very early on to get a deeper understanding of people. 


Putting people first and learning from them gave me an edge which also started to get me noticed. In 1993, I was invited to Join Nepal Travel Information Centre as Nepal was being launched as a Tourism Destination. In those Days marketing was restricted to Billboards, TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers Ads. We chose multiple options to take Nepal live. This gave me my first taste of Marketing


After having grown Nepal for 4 years in India and International Markets, I entered International Sales and was responsible for selling India, Nepal & Bhutan in the German Speaking Markets since I speak German. Over a Period of time more European Markets were added to my portfolio and for the next 6 years I travelled the length and breath of Europe doing Sales. 


Around the turn of the century Email Marketing was becoming a thing and having tried it I believed I could use it to my advantage. This was also my first entry into Digital Marketing, Email marketing at that Stage helped me produce results which were unheard of in the Industry. 


As more and more tools kept on getting added, first Facebook, then Youtube followed by Linkedin and Instagram, I started testing these and Facebook & LinkedIn became the go to medium for me to scale up Sales. 


My Sales improved but at a reduced cost which got noticed by my then Employers (A Large Global Multinational Company) and I was asked to share my success story with the Management which led to my being appointed as Marketing Lead for the Group crafting Marketing Strategies for 200 plus companies in 32 Countries. . 


This was a Turning point for me as I got exposure to multiple geographies, multiple tools and understanding that something worked well in some countries while failed in others and all platforms are not created equal. Demographics, Pschyographics and interests matter a lot and building of Buyer Personas or Target Groups is critical.

In 2015, I moved to Dubai to establish Taiwan Tourism Bureau in the Middle Eastern markets something we did with a Digital first approach and it was an instant success, We were able to build the Destination recall in a span of 6 months, something which earlier took upto 2 years to achieve. 


Based on this success, I started getting many companies specially in Tourism Domain approaching me to help with their Marketing which led me to start my own Venture called Bigfoot Marketing. I started producing results and the management of these companies noticed the same and since most of the Tourism companies belong to Big Groups with Interest in multiple verticals, I started getting projects to consult on different industries from Healthcare to Retail, from Hotels to Tourism Attractions, from Start ups to E-commerce stores. 


With my hands on approach I always had a steady stream of clients whom i was consulting, mostly working with their teams and sometimes with multiple teams for Multiple geographies (When same company had Offices in Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey or Kuwait and each had its own marketing team) 

Seeing that India was booming and Indian E-commerce was set to be bigger, I returned to India and then COVID happened. During COVID I started helping Small Businesses and Hotels to embrace Direct to Consumer approach. During this period I have helped clients who had ZERO presence in the Online space to start selling on Marketplaces and set up their own Shopify stores and drive traffic to these. Hotels to go direct and pass on the benefit of pricing to end customers v/s Online Travel Agents like Make my trip and 


A lot of my friends who had successful businesses suddenly realised during this period that they had very limited online presence and this could be the best time to upgrade their operations. From helping them set up the right tech to promote, any place working to a Strong online presence on Digital channel to building automation which could make them automate the mundane tasks, I did it all. 


A lot of Digital Marketing Companies at this stage had also lost a lot of specialists and needed experts who could help them build the next level Marketing strategies for this period. Since this was an unprecedented time frame and no one had ever experienced something like this, I got to try out so many different strategies and this in turn led to a Learning which has no parallel and which can benefit you immensly.


All of this has helped me become who I am today, A Digital marketing Consultant who is flexible, has worked in 50+ industries, With fortune 500 companies and with Start ups, with Large Indian Manufacturers to 20 people companies. 


I would be happy to work with you, if I believe that we are a right fit and I can deliver value to your Business. My end goal is to make sure that what you invest in me pays you back beyond what is the accepted norm.

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