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Consulting Services

There are 2 Types of Services that I provide Business Consulting and Marketing Consulting. find out which one is right for you. 

How it works

It all Begins with a no obligation Discovery Call to see if we are a right fit. At this stage the intention is to see if I can add any value to your Business and help you achive your Objectives. If Yes we would then schedule a more detailed Online or In Person Session. 

Business Consulting

During the more detailed session which can even go upto 2 days (as there are multiple layers to peel and arrive at the root cause of what is holding you back) I will build a systematic plan for you to get unstuck with twice weekly follow ups to ensure that you remain on Track. The results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks but usually take 60 days to become permanent. 


Marketing Consulting

I would need access to your Digital Assets and then identify where the problem is. (the Strategy will be built looking at what you have already done and what we can redeem from this) If you are starting from a Scratch we will build the complete strategy from Ground up.  

Marketing results depend upon your Niche and your current activities being done and can take upto 90 days to take effect.

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