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Digital Marketing Consultant in India Vishal Mehra

Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Growing your Business without Marketing can be Hard. doing Marketing without a Good Digital Marketing Consultant can not only lead to wasting your Money but can also be Harmful for your Business. 

​Hi, I am Vishal Kumar Mehra, an International Sales Expert turned Digital Marketing Consultant. I help Businesses get their Digital marketing Strategies right to grow their Revenue. I embraced Marketing 12 years ago and since then have helped 100+ clients get their marketing strategy right and scale up. 

First and foremost Congratulations on taking the First step and identifying that your Business needs a Digital Marketing Consultant. It may have seemed more sensible to handle all aspects of your digital marketing strategy independently instead of hiring a Digital Marketing consultant initially but you probably have realised that Digital Marketing without the right Guidance can actually end being a major expense instead of an excellent Investment. 

This in the long run, can be very detrimental to the growth of your Brand. Every action that you take today has an effect on the Marketing in the future. This makes it crucial to define the Objectives and put a framework in place from an early stage to ensure a good return on Marketing efforts.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I would urge you to think of Digital marketing as an Investment and a Digital Marketing Consultant as a Coach who after understanding your Objectives and Business Goals would help you get there. Just like if you have fitness goals you need a Trainer, someone who can help you achieve your Health Objectives in the shortest amount of time. You can do it yourself as well, but you could end up doing more harm than good or take double or triple the time to achieve the Goals. 

That is why to achieve your objectives and grow your business, partnering with a top expert is essential. Marketing is constantly evolving, and the expectations of consumers vary depending on market requirements. This is where a Digital Marketing Consultant like me comes in, I aware of the latest trends and with my agile approach can deploy these really fast

It’s understandable to believe that you can handle everything on your own, over 50% of my clients did the same, but it’s challenging to stay on top of everything while running a business.

By working with a digital marketing consultant, you not only save time and effort, but you also gain invaluable insights and guidance. An experienced Digital marketing consultant analyses your target audience, determines the most effective marketing channels to use, creates a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals, and evaluates the results of your campaigns.

This enable’s you to make informed decisions, refine your marketing approach, and achieve your desired outcomes.

Ask yourself a Question what would additional leads, Enquiries and increased traffic mean for your Business? As a Business you need to see hiring a digital marketing consultant as an investment in your business’s long-term growth and success. 

The knowledge and expertise that a Digital marketing Consultant brings can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, optimise your marketing campaigns, and increase your return on investment (ROI).


​Everyday there are millions of searches on the Internet, ask yourself the question, Do you show up when people search for the product or is it your competitor who shows up? 

As a Digital Marketing Consultant I will help you either Outrank your competition or help you put your product in front of your competition’s audience. 

Planning and implementing a solid digital marketing strategy with the assistance of a Digital Marketing consultant can lead to increased brand awareness, acquisition of new customers, and higher sales or leads. 

Every Business needs proper planning and a roadmap designed for that very business. These are crucial for the growth of a brand and I help you achieve that. 

Sameer Arora

Owner - Pugmark Resorts

We engaged Vishal's at the height of Pandemic when the Hospitality Industry was the hardest hit. Vishal helped us get our Direct to Consumer Strategy right and drive in traffic and fill up the Hotel. His strategies are still driving in Business in 2023 and have reduced our dependence on 3rd party channels.

Nalin G

Exporter Moradabad

Ours is a traditional Business and we were not sure how to implement marketing to grow our Business. Over the past 6 months with Vishal's guidance and mentorship not only have we a dynamic presence on channels important for our Business but are now getting high quality new leads at an acceptable cost.

Dr. Pavan Patil

Dentist, NCR Region

We wanted to set up our new clinic. After the discovery call with Vishal we were confident to make that Investment and it has been an amazing Journey for us so far. We have had new clients coming to us on regular basis and our Clinic is doing exceptionally well. Investing in Vishal was the best thing we did for our Business.

​What can I do for you as a Digital Marketing Consultant?

As a digital marketing consultant with Global Experience, I offer a full range of services that are aimed at helping grow your business grow and improve your Return On Investment (ROI). It’s important to remember that without a well-planned and correctly implemented strategic plan, your efforts may not yield the desired results.

To ensure your business scales effectively and achieves key metrics such as more organic traffic, better conversion rates and increased market impression, I work closely with the key stakeholders and you to understand your business objectives and develop a Marketing roadmap tailored for your Business.Mentorship and careful monitoring on a regular basis helps me guide you step-by-step through the growth process. 

On top of that I am Data driven which means that you will always have access to insights and data which are critical to scale up today.Remember that as a Business owner you may be very good at what you do but may lack the expertise that is needed to make your marketing strategy great and drive tangible results this is where I come in. 

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I choose the marketing channels that are right for you and allocate your marketing budget effectively across these channels to ensure that you get the best bang for your Buck. However, it’s important to understand that Marketing is not a Magic Wand, It takes some time for the results to show up as the success depends on a range of factors (such as how optmized your Website is, how much SEO work is needed and what kind of Budgets you have allocated for paid ads ), the nature of your products or services, and the level of competition in your industry.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant having spent upwards of 25 Crores for my clients, I have extensive experience in  Google & META Ads and added to this extensive SEO experience, I will help you understand key performance metrics and work with you to achieve your goals.By engaging me as your digital marketing consultant, you will have access to the expertise that will Grow your business.

- Let me help you get started -

​Lets start with a free Audit of your Business

​Does your Business need a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Lets begin with the key Question, Does your Business really need a Digital marketing Consultant? 

If you are a Small to Medium Business, who aims to drive awareness of your Products or sell online then you need a Marketing Strategy. This in turn means you need to hire skilled people on your Payroll and hope that you have made the right choice.

Unfortunately you will not know if the Marketing Strategy you have deployed is working for you or not in the Initial period because the team you have hired may not have a Senior Marketing mentor to guide them and to look at the Data and make sense of it. 

This means wasting precious time and resources both of which are non returnable or burning money on AD spend which is a write off. If you are a Start-up who is bootstrapped or just received an Angel round, but does not have a Marketing Co-founder then you may have a great product but may not be able to position it in front of the right audience. 

A Good product put in front of the wrong audience would not give you a clear picture and may hamper your future rounds. In both the cases you need a Digital Marketing Consultant or a Digital Marketing Mentor, someone who is willing to invest time in first understanding your Business and not a top down overview of your Industry but actually spend time with you understanding your product, who is it made for and what problem you are wanting to solve. 

Once this is understood, then crafting a Plan which is unique to your Business and not a copy paste of what everyone is doing and then helping you deploy it. 

​Advantage of having me as your Digital Marketing Consultant.

​It all Starts with an Audit

​I seriously hope you have gotten your free Audit. If yes, then we would start with a Discovery call. (if not then we will do the Audit first and then get on with the call ) 

An Audit is the starting place for me as a Digital Marketing Consultant to show you where your Business may be under performing and where we may need to focus first. If you are an existing Business which already has an Online presence this would mean analysing all the content as well and then showcasing to you where we will start. 

​Defining your Marketing Goals and Objectives - Your Marketing Strategy

​The Right Marketing Strategy would set the path for the growth of your Business. As your Digital marketing Consultant, I would first define your Marketing Strategy which is aligned with your Vision and Business Goals. 

To make sure that the Marketing Strategy is true for your Business, we will build a Brand Story. (Remember Stories connect with people) Every Business has a Story, Its the why you got in the Business that you are in. This is our Starting point. 

A Strong Story which people can connect with. The Story would drive the Marketing Strategy, which I would then breakdown into monthly and quarterly goals and these would be assessed against the milestones agreed by us.

​Choosing the right Keywords

​Keywords are critical for discovery of your Product online. Even the best products need awareness. Keywords are what you type in a search engine like Google to be found. 

Choose a keyword that has low search volume and you will not see any results. Furthermore in choosing the Keywords, Intention matters a lot, a high volume keyword but with Informational Intent may bring traffic to your sight but not give you leads or any commercial advantage. 

A Keyword with high commercial intent may have a lot of competition and may make it difficult to rank for. What is needed is expertise here and that is what I as your Digital Marketing Consultant bring to the Table.

I will help you choose the right keywords which would not only bring Informational traffic (People seeking just Information) to establish you as a SME (subject matter expert) but also commercial Intent traffic which would convert to leads and customers.

​Identifying the Right Marketing Channels

​​This is really a crucial step and one needs to understand that you do not need to be present on all Channels to succeed. Certain channels may work better for you than the others and that is where the focus needs to be. 

If you are a Business who need
s B2B leads then LinkedIn may be a better choice. On the Other hand for an eCommerce Brand, Meta and Marketplaces may be a better choice. What is needed is a clear understanding of who your Target audience is and where they spend their time and then create content for that Channel and Audience. 

If you are currently posting the same content across all channels then you may not be seeing results you were hoping for. This is a common problem that I as Digital Marketing consultant see all the time.


​Creating content for different channels means investing in resources and content and that can get expensive since Content needs to be channel specific. Hence the right approach is to understand which channels will give you the best bang for your Buck and milk them to the max.

​Creating Content

Now that we have zeroed in on Keywords and identified the Platforms and our target Audience, it is time to create or upgrade our Content. Content is still the King when it comes to getting to the coveted first page on Google.

Here is a snapshot of what Google latest update tell us: 

Digital Marketing Consultant in India

What this means for your Business is that I will help you get the right Content prepared and ensure that this content is aimed at solving a real problem for real people so that Google rewards it and pushes it up. 

In a Lot of cases this also means that we may have to come up with a Brand new content marketing strategy. This may sound painful at times, but trust me as a Digital marketing Consultant, i have seen amazing things happen to clients when they invested in Content creation which was better suited for the targeted audience and aimed at establishing them as Authority figures or SME’s. 

Understanding the Competitive landscape

I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel. What this means is that we identify who in your Industry (your competition) is doing well online and what Strategies are working for them and then improve them to align to our Brand Story and grow. 

I like to keep things Simple here, If you are hiring me as your Digital Marketing Consultant, you want to outshine your competition and I will do whatever it takes (as long as it is white hat – which means not deploying any shady methods) to ensure you outrank them. 


There are so many ways to grow organically and stay on the top if we study the Good things your Competition does and then improving it that you really don’t need to do anything which will only give you Short term gain. 

Paid Marketing

Organic Social medias reach has declined over the years, Today if you are posting content on Social Channels like Facebook despite having a Sizeable audience your reach & your engagement would be limited. That is why you see so much sponsored content on your feed. But ask yourself this question, If you scrolled today on Social channels like Facebook and Instagram how many of these sponsored posts are relevant to you?

Chances are not many. So Why are you seeing irrelevant ads? The Detailing is missing here, Reaching the right audience is an art and if your Digital marketing consultant is not an artist when it comes to paid on Social you are burning money and struggling to get the right ROAS (return on Ad strength). If your ROAS is under 4X you should talk to me. (This means that for every 1 rupee you are spending are you making 4 Rupees)


Now lets talk Google ADs or Google PPC (pay per click) Marketing. There are many reasons why you should be using Google ADs. It has a higher intent traffic, people are actually searching for the product or service, you have the opportunity of literally stealing your Competitors customers when they search on Google.

Digital Marketing Consultant in India

As you can see here when I search for Mailchimp (email Marketing tool) Sendinblue is bidding for a Brand Keyword as is mailchimp bidding on its own Keyword to prevent Sendinblue for Stealing their customers)

Imagine this, your competitor is being searched for by name and gets a decent amount of search traffic and you are a relatively new brand or have a new product. If budgets allow you can actually start bringing this traffic over to you even when the audience is searching for competition. 


After having spent upwards of 25 crores of my clients money and getting them a healthy ROAS what I have learned is you need to be a master for paid marketing today and that agility is the key when it comes to getting the Ad spend to producing results for you. 


As someone who has a Lot of Clients for whom I do performance marketing I can assure you that if you have a bad experience with Google and Facebook you are not alone. Here is a snapshot of a Clients work who came to me after his previous Digital marketing Consultant could not give him a healthy ROAS. 

Digital Marketing Consultant in India

As you can see here, for an AD spend of INR 91,624.94 over 4 days we gave him an Add to cart value of INR 1.7 Crore and a total sales value of INR 750,390 

Calculate this: It comes to a Return on AD Spend: 8.19X


As the next step we are now retargeting everyone who added to cart and are pretty sure that we will take this ROAS to 10X Plus


If your existing Digital Marketing Consultant is giving you a Similar ROAS, then my sincere recommendation is to hold on to them, if not them it time to make a Switch to someone who guarantees your Success. 

Which Industries have I helped as a Digital Marketing Consultant

My Clients have come from Manufacturing Industry who wanted to improve their online presence and increase the number of Leads that would flow in from within India and other Countries.


Small Hotel chains who have 3-4 Hotels in their portfolio and want to reduce dependence on OTA’s and 3rd Party Channels, build their Brand in front of the right audience and grow. 

Large Boutique Hotels and Chain Hotels who wanted to unlock Social Commerce for their Hotels and Hotels where the owners of the property are not happy with the Corporate way of Marketing and want to invest in building their own Brand awareness and drive traffic to the Hotels. 

Start ups who do not have a Marketing Co-founder and want to get their Marketing strategy right so that they can go for the next round of funding and firstly build awareness of their products and then drive in Leads / increase downloads. 

Interior Decorators and Architects who want to leverage Social to reach out to multiple Geographies and make themselves visible to potential clients. 


Doctors, Private Clinics, Hospitals who want to showcase themselves and drive awareness to the Residents in a particular geography or for a particular speciality. 


Travel Agencies who want to improve their Organic Presence online, increase the Lead Generation and use Data to engage existing clients better and increase their sales. 


Want to find out if I am the right Digital Marketing Consultant for your Business? Book time with me and let me understand where you are currently and where you want to go.

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